• The only time I feel secure and alive is when I am inside a forest or under the sky or in communion with mountains

  • To me every woman carrying a pitcher of water is a manifestation of Goddess Laxmi, bringing the elixir of life to her home.

  • But my evocative naturescapes seemed to offer a contrast to the avant-garde abstractions which they were probably satiated with.

About Sarbani Sen

Sarbani has always had a great urge to explore the unknown, to go beyond the horizon, beyond the next mountain range, to see outside a closed gate and inside the covers of an unread volume. Her work varies from realistic to stylized semi abstraction. Sarbani started to show her paintings in exhibitions from 1981. She did twenty five solo exhibitions of her paintings in galleries in Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta and five in London. Sarbani’s paintings were selected for two consecutive years as the cover painting for the TATA Art Calendar (2000 and 2001)